Latest Xiaomi Mi 11X HyperOS ROM Download

You can download the latest HyperOS version of Xiaomi Mi 11X ROM Update from here. Here I provide you the direct link to each Xiaomi Mi 11X codename “alioth” HyperOS ROM, which works properly on your phone.

HyperOS ROM Xiaomi Mi 11X Update “alioth”

VersionCountryRecoveryFastbootAndroidOS Type
V14.0.8.0.TKHMIXMGlobal StableDownloadDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.11.0.TKHEUXMEEA StableDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.8.0.TKHCNXMChina StableDownloadDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.3.0.TKHRUXMRussia StableDownloadDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.3.0.TKHTWXMTaiwan StableDownloadDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.4.0.TKHIDXMIndonesia StableDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.3.0.TKHTRXMTurkey StableDownloadDownloadv13MIUI 14
V14.0.5.0.TKHINXMIndia StableDownloadv13MIUI 14


  • System:
    • Updated Android Securi
Xiaomi Mi 11X HyperOS ROM

We added more new Xiaomi Mi 11X HyperOS updates. If you need more then stay connected to our site for the latest version update.

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