HyperOS 1.0 Update Announce For Redmi Series

Hi, Xiaomi company now rolling out HyperOS 1.0 updates for their new smartphone devices. As you all know HyperOS is the new operating system which was recently introduced by Xiaomi Inc. in their recent event. They make is more lite in storage and more smart as par Ai integration.

Hyper OS new look and feel, new apps, new wallpaper, new super wallpaper, new launcher UI, and a new control center. The company made lots of changes in their new OS. As a Xiaomi fan, I am very happy to see this company ready to fight head to head as per their innovation to tech giants like Google Pixel and iPhones.

HyperOS 1.0 Update

HyperOS 1.0 Update

In this update, the company has introduced its new OS, which means that you are now being taken directly from MIUI 14 to Hyper OS 1.0. The company will release this OS for almost all their mobile devices supporting HyperOS by the end of the year. Currently, the company has released it only for the smartphones given below.

Rest, I have given below the list of every phone for which the new update of Hyper OS has arrived, you can get the firmware file of your phone through the link given below and put it in your mobile with its flash tool.

New Mobile list which gets HyperOS 1.0 Update

  • Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G / Pro+ 5G: OS1.0.0.1.UMOMIXM, OS1.0.0.1.UMOEUXM, OS1.0.0.1.UMOINXM
  • Redmi Note 12 5G: OS1.0.0.1.UMQINXM, OS1.0.0.1.UMQEUXM
  • Redmi Note 12 4G: OS1.0.0.15.UMTMIXM, OS1.0.0.3.UMTINXM
  • Redmi Note 12 4G NFC: OS1.0.0.8.UMGEUXM, OS1.0.0.3.UMGEUXM
  • Redmi 12 5G: OS1.0.0.1.UMWEUXM
  • Redmi Note 12S: OS1.0.0.2.UHZMIXM, OS1.0.0.1.UHZEUXM
  • Redmi 12C: OS1.0.0.1.UCVEUXM, OS1.0.0.1.UCVMIXM
Xiaomi 14Chinahouji14.0RecoveryStableOS1.0.14.0.UNCCNXM5.4 GB02/11/2023Download
Xiaomi 14Chinahouji14.0FastbootStableOS1.0.14.0.UNCCNXM7.7 GB02/11/2023Download
Xiaomi 14Chinahouji14.0RecoveryBetaOS1. GB01/11/2023Download
Xiaomi 14 ProChinaShennong14.0RecoveryStableOS1.0.14.0.UNBCNXM5.4 GB02/11/2023Download
Xiaomi 14 ProChinashennong14.0FastbootStableOS1.0.14.0.UNBCNXM7.7 GB02/11/2023Download
Xiaomi 14 ProChinaShennong14.0RecoveryBetaOS1. GB01/11/2023Download

More Updates Coming Soon…


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