Latest Xiaomi HyperOS Super Wallpaper APK Download 2024

As you know everyone HyperOS now and they have released a new Wallperper which called HyperOS Super Wallpaper. Here, In this post, I provide you with this super wallpaper APK file for your Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi has newly launched HyperOS for its all old and new devices. This OS comes with many AI features to increase users’ performance and experience while using it. Wallpaper makes your phone more beautiful and elegant phones.


HyperOS Super Wallpaper APK Download

Here I have given you a direct link on which you can click and download the APK file of Hyper OS Super Wallpaper App and run it on your phone.

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NameHyperOS Super Wallpapers APK
Size19.6 MB
Latest VersionV15.0.2.9
Update Date20 February 2024
WallpaperSnow Mountain, Marsh, Earth, Geometry, and Saturn
DeveloperXiaomi Inc.

About HyperOS Super Wallpaper 2024

Super wallpaper makes your phone more stylish and elegant to use, when you open your phone you see a slight animation and a moving picture of several items which makes it more beautiful. I think you all must try this for one time and see its style.

HyperOS Super Wallpapers APK

How to Get Super Wallpaper?

When you know how you can activate or use HyperOS Super Wallpaper on your phone.

  • Go to your device’s Settings, and Choose the Wallpaper option in it.
  • Now Here you may Choose Wallpapers.
  • Tap on the Super Wallpaper option.
  • Here You Browse and select any wallpaper that you like or is better for you.
  • Here, Click on Apply to set new wallpaper on home screen and lock screen.

How to Install Super Wallpaper APK

  • Get The Super Wallpaper APK file from the above link.
  • Install the APK file on your device.
  • After that Launch the Mi Theme Store and tap the Profile icon.
  • Here click on the Wallpaper option.
  • Here Navigate to the Super Wallpaper.
  • Choose the wallpaper that you like and enjoy it.

Also know about HyperOS Supported Devices List

WallpaperDetailsDownload Version
HyperOS Earth Wallpaper💢APK: Super Wallpaper Earth
💢 Version: ALPHA-2.6.558-10101502-ogl-64
HyperOS Mars Wallpaper❎ APK: Super Wallpaper Mars
❎ Version: ALPHA-2.6.558-10101503-ogl-64
HyperOS Saturn Wallpaper💠APK: Super Wallpaper Saturn
💠 Version: ALPHA-2.6.558-10101503-ogl-64
HyperOS Geometry Wallpaper⚜️ APK: Super Wallpaper Geometry
⚜️ Version: ALPHA-2.7.558-10101501-vulkan
HyperOS Snow Mountain Wallpaper⭕️APK: Super Wallpaper Snow Mount
⭕️Version: ALPHA-2.6.558-10031454-ogl-64

Types of Super Live Wallpapers

Xiaomi rolled out five Super Live Wallpaper styles:

  1. Snowy Peaks: Features sunlit mountain slopes of Mount Siguniang.
  2. Home: Highlights the Earth as the cradle of human civilization.
  3. The Red Planet: Displays the awe-inspiring vast deserts of Mars.
  4. Geometry: Showcases interesting shapes, light, and colors.
  5. Faraway Rings: Presents the incredible spectacle of the rings of Saturn in the solar system.

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